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Heroes of the Storm vs League of Legends

I have played both Heroes of the Storm, and League of Legends, and I definitely prefer Heroes of the Storm, and here is why…

More Team Based

In LoL, each player has their own experience, their own items, their own gold, and often are acting on their own. LoL actually punishes the players if they work together TOO much, like a decrease in experience for each player in one lane, and the ability for only one player to get gold from each minion.  Each lane has their own player (except for usually one) and a player in the jungle, so 3 of the 5 players are by themselves for most of the game. The team members only come together to fight during team fights and that’s all, otherwise they are alone.

In HotS, all team members have a shared experience and there is no “jungling” in the LoL sense of the words, since the mercenary camps are different from LoL. There is no punishment for having extra players in a lane, and no gold for players to fight over in order to buy items. Unlike LoL, players are actually with at least one other player, most of the time, there is sometimes one person by themselves, but that is 1 out of 5, instead of 3 out of 5.  Players are encouraged to work together to accomplish objectives, capture mercenary camps, and gank enemy players. 

In LoL, the first third of each game, is spent with each individual player individually leveling up in order to unlock skills and individually collecting gold to buy personal items that only benefit them. In HotS, however, each player starts with every basic skill (all but the ultimate skill) unlocked, leading to earlier team fights. Also there is no gold, and no item shop, instead every few levels every member of the team unlocks a talent to customize the Hero. 

Although LoL is still a team based game with team fights, that can only be won as a team, HotS starts and ends with the team.

Less “Nerd Rage”

Obviously a game cannot “create” nerd rage, and can’t actually make anyone get angry, however there are certain things in games that can cultivate a feeling of animosity between players, even players on the same team, and LoL has many of these things. It happens less on professional and friendly teams, but with pick up games or quick matches, these situations can lead to anger pretty easily between players.

One situation that can lead to anger between players, is gold. Players only receive gold if they last hit a minion. If they do 90% of the damage to a minion and another player does the last 10% damage, the second player gets all of the gold. On professional teams, the carry is the one that gets the gold, and the support player lets them, but in quick matches, each player wants to get better individually, meaning that they each want gold, so team members can end up fighting each other over last hitting a minion in order to get gold.  The same is true about last hitting enemy players. The person who last hits the enemy player gets most of the exp and the gold. This can lead to a lot of contention if someone accidentally last hits an enemy hero that a friendly player was attacking and steals the gold and exp.

In HotS, there is no gold to steal from a friendly player, and if a friendly player last hits the enemy player, the only thing they get is one higher number under the “Kills” count at the end of the match. There is no stolen exp or gold, just a number, resulting in a lot less animosity between players.

Also exp is shared, so no one gets angry if a player spends a little too long in a lane they aren’t suppose to be in.  

The Heroes

League of Legends has some really cool and diverse champions. Each one is unique and a lot of them are fun to play. However, having played Warcraft III and World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch, there is just something really satisfying about playing those heroes, knowing their backstories and lore, and seeing these Heroes and Villains from different worlds fight and interact with each other. 

I love the interactions between the Heroes. Like when Jaina and Arthas are on the same team, and Jaina tells Arthas he’s not the man she loved, or when Medivh kills Malfurion and says sorry for killing the Archdruid, or when another Hero tells you to go to a healing fountain to heal and that’s just some of them, but there are many interactions and it just makes it that much better.

Different Battlegrounds

Each LoL game is played on the same battleground (or a smaller version of it), every single time. HotS however has many different Battlegrounds, each one unique and interactive. Each battleground has an objective that opposing teams fight over that will help the team that wins the objective to win the game. 

These Battleground types include king of the hill style objectives, item collection and turn in, fighting NPCs, and capturing nodes. These objectives lead to more team fights, as opposing teams fight for control of the objectives, adds some variance to the games, and give players something more to do while fighting each other.

Also, matches in HotS are a lot shorter than LoL. Really long matches in HotS are 30 minutes, a normal game in LoL is 30-45 minutes, with long games lasting upwards of an hour.

Favorite Heroes of the Storm Moments


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