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The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie

On Wednesday I saw The Lego Batman Movie… For the second time…. Yes, I’ve already seen it twice…. But it is awesome. I loved it! I loved it so much I paid to see it twice in theaters, and honestly, I’m willing to watch it again. It was so good!! 

Check out this Trailer…

This is The Lego Batman Movie! and as such, it is both a Batman movie, and a Lego movie (if you haven’t seen The Lego Movie you should). That means you have the awesomeness of Batman, mixed with the playfulness of Legos.  

Although this movie isn’t a sequel or anything to The Lego Movie (although there are some connections, such as “masterbuilding”) they have very similar humor. The kind of humor that anyone will love. Whether you are are six, forty-six or a hundred and six, you could love this movie. It is just good clean humor, and I laughed the whole time, and I mean the whole time… Like from the opening scene I was laughing my head off!

Also, like the Lego movie, there is more than just humor in this movie, there are serious moments, and lessons taught as well. These lessons and serious moments are then usually accented with humor as well. 


Batman is voiced by Will Arnett, who also voiced Batman in The Lego Movie.

At the beginning of the movie, Batman is at his height, both of his skill and his arrogance. This is emphasized in the first scene with an awesome fight scene and song sung by Batman. Unlike in The Lego Movie, Batman is actually skilled in this movie (“First try!!”   [if you don’t get that, go see The Lego Movie), and he knows it, and everyone else also knows it. 

Along with all those skills, and killer abs, however, he is also alone. He has Alfred and the Batcomputer (call ‘Puter) but that is it, and this movie does a really good job of showing that. 

So, batman is at the top of his game, and also at the height of his loneliness, when two people come into his life… Dick Grayson (Robin) and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).

Batman and Robin

The Batman and Robin relationship is fantastic! You have Batman, with all of his self-centeredness, seriousness, and blackness. Then you have Robin with his carefree and silly attitude and his bright clothes. Put them both together, and you have an awesomely hilarious movie. 

“Now I’m free, now I’m moving, come on Batman let’s get grooving”

“I can only look you in the eyes right now”

At first Batman only uses Robin for his own selfish ends, but then Robin begins to grow on Batman. Through some challenges, trials, and a lot of silly humor, Batman and Robin become a family. 


The Lego Batman Movie is a silly, humorous, life-lesson-teaching movie. It is a movie for all ages, that anyone could love. It is full of good, clean humor with absolutely no swearing (Oh my gosh!!) and nothing crude. Do yourself a favor, get all your friends and family together and go and see this family-and-kid-friendly movie that adults will love as well. 

“DC. The house Batman built…

What about it Superman?

Come at me bro…

I’m your Kryptonite” 

Here is another trailer…