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New Justice League Trailer

Justice League Trailer

Warner Bros. released a new Justice League Trailer last week. Check it out…

Justice League

In order to save their world from some sort of an invasion, Batman and Wonder Woman track down and recruit The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg to fight alongside them as members of the Justice League.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman. Those are the members of this Justice League (The original Justice League consisted of: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter). Superman is “dead”, so he can’t be a member… yet. Cyborg is filling part of Martian Manhunter’s role in the Justice League, that of communication, and organization. I’m not sure what’s up with Green Lantern.

I think this trailer is awesome! It makes me excited to see this movie, and, honestly, that’s the point of a movie trailer, so this trailer does it’s job well. There are a few things I am hoping for in this Justice League movie.

My Hopes For the Justice League

  1. It will have enough action. Although I enjoyed Batman vs. Superman, I felt like I would have liked it more if there was more action in it. For example, when Batman breaks into Lexcorp, all the audience sees is the aftermath, why not show us the actual break-in? I just felt that the only real fight scenes were Batman vs. Superman, and then the Three against Doomsday. But that’s really it, in a two-and-a-half hour long superhero movie, there are only two real fight scenes. Sure there are a few smaller ones between Batman, and random thugs, but it’s not very memorable. Also, did we really need to see Batman’s backstory again? Maybe its’ just me, but I feel like pretty much everyone who would go and see Batman vs. Superman would already know that story…. 

2. Each hero has their time to shine. Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash are all really cool heroes, and I hope that they each have the time in the movie they deserve. Now, I wouldn’t really mind if the whole thing focused on Batman…. But since it’s not, I’d like to see Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in action. I don’t want a focus on origin stories. I can learn about them in the Comics or Wikipedia. I want action. I want to see Flash using his super speed to take out mobs of enemies, I want to see Aquaman using his super strength and control over the ocean to beat his adversaries, and I want to see Cyborg’s adaptability and technologically advanced weaponry to overpower those he faces. That’s what I want to see, I don’t really want to see a fast man still mourning the loss of his mother, a cyborg with daddy issues, or a King of the ocean.  There good stories, I just want to see them at their height, not at their lowest.

3. I don’t want Batman to be the “bad-guy”. I am pretty sure this is going to happen, since he’s on a team of superheroes, but it is definitely something I hope happens. In Batman vs. Superman, Batman is kind of set up as the bad guy. You know Superman is good, you had Man of Steel to see that, and most of Batman vs. Superman as well, so now this dark, brooding vigilante is out to kill Superman… Kind of makes Batman seem like a bad-guy, and he almost certainly would be if Doomsday didn’t appear at the end.  And this leads into my next and greatest hope…

Batman vs. Superman

4. Batman won’t kill. In Batman vs. Superman, Batman kills… A lot. Every enemy who gets in his way is in danger of death. He kills with his hands, his gadgets, and his vehicles. And I HATE that! It is honestly the WORST part about Batman vs. Superman! That Batman wantonly kills his enemies willy-nilly. That’s not how it is. Sure you can find lists of “Fifteen times Batman has killed” and stuff like that, but a lot of that isn’t cannon, like the 80’s Batman films, or before Batman was REALLY Batman, like his first comic book. But Batman doesn’t kill. Sure you can argue that this is a darker Batman, one who’s been fighting darkness for 20 years already (I think that’s what it says in Batman vs. Superman… Maybe 10… I can’t remember…) But I’ve read comics when Batman is at his darkest. Like right after Jason Todd is murdered! Yeah, Batman is pretty angry then, but does he kill? NOPE. I’ve also read The Dark Knight Returns, when a retired Batman returns in one of the darkest comic books I’ve read, but does he kill? NOPE. He uses rubber bullets for Pete’s sake! Batman doesn’t kill, and I hope, I really, REALLY hope he doesn’t kill in this new Justice League Movie.

Those are my hopes for this upcoming movie.  I hope you are as excited for it as I am.