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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screen Shot

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot

Square Enix released this new Screenshot at MAGIC 2017

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot
Sora fighting a Heartless on Thebes

Director Tetsuya Nomura said the following regarding this image:

“This is the first time we show this screenshot of Kingdom Hearts III.  It’s happening in Thebes and they are fighting a new model of the Heartless. The Keyblade turns into a lot of things. Here it is a shield, but it can also be transformed into a chariot. This is called Power Form.” (Gematsu)


This new Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot reveals a few things. First of all, it reveals a new Heartless model that looks awesome. Also because the enemy Health bar in the top right corner is so small for such a large opponent, it looks like it might be a Heartless with multiple body parts that need to be defeated, or one part that needs to be defeated multiple times.

The Keyblade is also shown as a shield. This has been shown before, so this is just more of a confirmation, and not really a revelation. However before it then turned into the chariot pulled by Pegasus. 

The command menu looks more like the command menu in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Fragmentary Passage, than previously released screenshots. I think this is because of the “Power Form” that Sora is currently in. His clothes are also Orange-brown instead of the usual red, matching the Command Menu. 

Nomura also said the screenshot is “happening in Thebes”, not “Olympic Coliseum” but “Thebes”. This could mean that the world of Olympic Coliseum could be expanded into a world similar to the one in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. 


Here are some of the previously released Screenshots and pictures of gameplay:

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

So, this week I finished Kingdom Hearts 3D, so now I want to talk a little about…

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

A Fragmentary Passage

Here is the AWESOME opening scene, I definitely recommend watching it, plus it also has some good music too.

Awesome!! I love it!! Plus I love that music. “Simple and Clean” was featured in Kingdom Hearts 1, and I still love it.

My Thoughts

(I’m going to preface this part with the fact that my version stuttered a lot during cutscenes so there isn’t going to be many videos)

I really, REALLY enjoyed this short game. It wasn’t very long, maybe the length of a normal KH world or two, but there was so much content in such a short time, that I was okay with the length, but I wanted more. It also made me even MORE excited for Kingdom Hearts 3

After playing KH 3D, I was used to those graphics (which are similar to previous KH games) and also the gameplay, so playing KH 0.2 was very refreshing going back to, what is to me, the more traditional Kingdom Hearts gameplay style, with MP instead of cooldowns, and the L1 shortcut instead of menus. It was like “Yes, this game is a Kingdom Hearts game.”

And the graphics! I loved the graphics! I hope that Kingdom Hearts 3 has graphics similar to this game. It wasn’t super “cartoony” but Mickey didn’t look out of place within the landscape either. I really like the interaction with the landscape, how the boxes and barrels weren’t the usual obvious “I’m here come hit me”, but looked like they really belonged within the terrain. I like how Aqua could automatically jump short gaps, slide down slopes, and affect the environment. 

The Heartless were great, the boss fights were amazing, and they all fit into the environment, and I was actually terrified at a couple points in the game. It was awesome!

Kingdom Hearts 3

This game made me SO excited for Kingdom Hearts 3! If Kingdom Hearts 3 looks and plays like KH 0.2 I would not complain at all. I loved it. I enjoyed the darker color palette, which made sense for KH 0.2, but I think that KH 3, will be a brighter game. In KH 3, I hope they keep the environmental interactions, the sliding, scaling, and hoping, it made moving around the environment easier and more realistic.

The return of MP and the L1 shortcut to use magic and items, made me very happy. I enjoyed KH 3D, and the remake of Birth By Sleep, but when I think of Kingdom Hearts gameplay, I think of the L1 shortcut, and I’m glad that it returned, and hope it is in KH 3 as well. I’d prefer that over the triangle menu of the more recent games. In the Screenshot above, the “Shortcut” menu is shown, along with the Health and MP bar in the lower right corner. This screenshot looks like a Kingdom Hearts game to me, and now I am super excited!

More Kingdom Hearts 3D Moments

More of My Favorite Kingdom Hearts Moments from this Week

This first moment isn’t particularly a Dream Drop Distance moment, it is just a Disney moment that I love, remade in 3D.

Sorcerer Mickey

It’s Sorcerer Mickey!! I love Sorcerer Mickey! It is my favorite music video in Fantasia, and I just loved when he was in Kingdom Hearts. Although I didn’t particularly like the level that was played afterwards, this part made me smile.

Mickey Saves Riku

I love this moment because you get to see King Mickey use some of his power. King Mickey really is quite strong, and their of glimpses of this throughout Kingdom Hearts, but this moment shows how strong he is in magic, being able to summon such a large Stop zone for so long, is quite impressive. 

Axel Saves Sora

Like I said last week, I love Axel, and this is one of those “redemption” moments for Axel. It shows that he really is a good guy, willing to risk himself to save Sora. Plus it’s just a very important story moment as well. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 moments

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8 lately, specifically Dream Drop Distance HD. I am really enjoying this game so far. It is definitely different from other Kingdom Hearts games I have played, but that isn’t necessarily bad. The gameplay reminds me a lot of Birth By Sleep, with the triangle menus, but then there is also sort of a party as well. I am also really enjoying being able to play both Sora and Riku. It is great to see more of Riku, in different situations than before. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from the last few days.

Riku’s Warning

I really like this quote. It is a warning, and also a realization from Riku. Riku is telling everyone not to focus to much on one thing, or those around you could get hurt, and there could also be catastrophic consequences that can’t be foreseen. 

Sora’s Heart

I like this moment, because Sora is confronted by Xehanort, about his heart. This moment confuses Sora, but those familiar with the entire story of Kingdom Hearts so far, will know that Ventus’ heart actually resides, and there is imprisoned, inside Sora’s heart. So, Sora’s heart is in fact a prison. 

Axel’s Return

I love Axel! I love his character development from being Roxas’s friend, to fighting Roxas and against Sora, and finally betraying Organization XIII to help Sora in the end, and how much I feel for him throughout the story, especially Kingdom Hearts 2, and 385/2 Days. And now he’s back!! When Axel dies is one of the saddest moments in Kingdom Hearts, but now he’s back, and I hope his character is as great as it was before. 

I will keep posting other moments I really enjoy, and maybe I’ll even post some game play, but no promises. I’m loving this game, and I’m excited to keep playing, and to move onto 0.2 as well.

Thanks! Have a great day!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8!!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8!!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

First of all I would like to apologize for the lapse in posting. I’ve been busy lately working, moving into an apartment, and playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 came on Tuesday!!

And I am stoked!! I’m super excited to play this game. I never played Dream Drop Distance before, so this will be a new game for me, along with Kingdom Hearts 0.2 and Chi Back Cover. 

My plan is to play through Dream Drop Distance, beat it and then move on to 0.2. I will be posting some of my favorite moments from these games, as well as maybe some gameplay, like boss fights or cool things I find. 

To hold you over until my next post, here is the new introduction to Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD


I will also be posting about the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship soon, and linking some of my favorite matches as well.


New Kingdom Hearts 3 Info

The director of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, had an interview recently, and in it he shared some development updates for both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Info

The site Gematsu translated the interview. The parts relevant to Kingdom Hearts 3 are as follows:

Will you release a complete package including Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue?

“Because the timing is delicate, we won’t be releasing anything like a complete pack this time, but we’re preparing a box that can hold both games, as is often the case with DVDs. Perhaps we can offer it as an e-Store bonus.”

What’s the state of Kingdom Hearts III‘s development?

“While I can’t make a sweeping statement because the development process is different from what we’ve done so far, there are still worlds untouched. Production is progressing on unannounced worlds, in a state that we cannot show them off. In terms of the state of development, there is still some way to go.”

My Interpretation

So, first of all, there won’t be any every-Kingdom-Hearts-game-except-the-third-one-on-one-disc game being released. Which I personally am okay with. I am already going to buy 2.8 and the remakes, so I don’t see a need to have a complete package when they are all available for PS4 on only two discs anyway.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

Now, the second part is a lot more relevant, important, and in my opinion a lot worse news.  I was really hoping that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be released this year, however this new information is kind of pointing towards a later release date. Still no official release date, but the fact that “there are still worlds untouched” and “there is still some way to go” says to me that there we are still a long ways from the Kingdom Hearts 3 release.

With this new information I would guess that Kingdom Hearts 3 is most likely going to be released next year (2018). I honestly hope that I am wrong, and that it is released last quarter 2017, but we will see.

In the mean time we have Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and 1.5+2.5 to look forward to. And to keep you excited for KH3 here is one of the trailers.

Have a great day!