More Kingdom Hearts 3D Moments

More of My Favorite Kingdom Hearts Moments from this Week

This first moment isn’t particularly a Dream Drop Distance moment, it is just a Disney moment that I love, remade in 3D.

Sorcerer Mickey

It’s Sorcerer Mickey!! I love Sorcerer Mickey! It is my favorite music video in Fantasia, and I just loved when he was in Kingdom Hearts. Although I didn’t particularly like the level that was played afterwards, this part made me smile.

Mickey Saves Riku

I love this moment because you get to see King Mickey use some of his power. King Mickey really is quite strong, and their of glimpses of this throughout Kingdom Hearts, but this moment shows how strong he is in magic, being able to summon such a large Stop zone for so long, is quite impressive. 

Axel Saves Sora

Like I said last week, I love Axel, and this is one of those “redemption” moments for Axel. It shows that he really is a good guy, willing to risk himself to save Sora. Plus it’s just a very important story moment as well. 

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