Kingdom Hearts 2.8 moments

Kingdom Hearts 2.8

I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8 lately, specifically Dream Drop Distance HD. I am really enjoying this game so far. It is definitely different from other Kingdom Hearts games I have played, but that isn’t necessarily bad. The gameplay reminds me a lot of Birth By Sleep, with the triangle menus, but then there is also sort of a party as well. I am also really enjoying being able to play both Sora and Riku. It is great to see more of Riku, in different situations than before. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from the last few days.

Riku’s Warning

I really like this quote. It is a warning, and also a realization from Riku. Riku is telling everyone not to focus to much on one thing, or those around you could get hurt, and there could also be catastrophic consequences that can’t be foreseen. 

Sora’s Heart

I like this moment, because Sora is confronted by Xehanort, about his heart. This moment confuses Sora, but those familiar with the entire story of Kingdom Hearts so far, will know that Ventus’ heart actually resides, and there is imprisoned, inside Sora’s heart. So, Sora’s heart is in fact a prison. 

Axel’s Return

I love Axel! I love his character development from being Roxas’s friend, to fighting Roxas and against Sora, and finally betraying Organization XIII to help Sora in the end, and how much I feel for him throughout the story, especially Kingdom Hearts 2, and 385/2 Days. And now he’s back!! When Axel dies is one of the saddest moments in Kingdom Hearts, but now he’s back, and I hope his character is as great as it was before. 

I will keep posting other moments I really enjoy, and maybe I’ll even post some game play, but no promises. I’m loving this game, and I’m excited to keep playing, and to move onto 0.2 as well.

Thanks! Have a great day!

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